Facts to know about bearded dragon diets

Do you own a bearded dragon? If you have one at home, you certainly know that picking the right foods for a bearded dragon can be tricky. Naturally, these animals are quite picky when it comes to what they eat. You find them going up and down looking for insects, which are at times not available or nutritious. As such, this article sheds light on proven ways on how to feed your bearded dragon diet food or creating a nutritious bearded dragon diet that will help it stay healthy and live longer.

Introduction to bearded dragon diet


Bearded dragons are omnivores. As such, you expect them to eat both plant and flesh. As such, a typical bearded dragon diet should have some plants, insects and some citrus portions. The amount and size of pieces given to these animals. Ideally, you are supposed to customize your shares in a way that they are not too big for your beardie. Preferably, the ideal portion size should not be larger than the space between its eyes.

Diet based on age

Baby bearded dragon diet

Like with human beings, the diet given to a bearded baby dragon should be somewhat different from that given to an adult beardie for obvious reasons. As such, a baby beardie should eat more insects than vegetables since it is still growing. As much as you might have some enables for it, give it as many insects as it can feed for 10-15 minute. Repeat this three times a day.

Adult bearded dragon diet

aSDAASDxcSYou do not have to feed the adult beaded dragon with as many insects as you give their younger ones. Ideally, overfeeding the beardie has the effect of making it overweight, and unhealthy. You should only give the adult bearded dragon as many insects as it can feed on in at most 15 minutes. This should be done once a day. Not just that, give it more vegetables and keep it busy.

Safe foods for bearded dragons

Not every insect or vegetables is good for a bearded dragon. As such, you need to ensure that insects and foods collected for the beardie are safe and nutritious. These foods should not have pesticides and parasites, which explains why catching your insects is not the best idea. Consistency and patience in diet implementation will also help you improve the behavior of the dragon as well as the quality of your interactions.