People think that making a video can be easy, all you need is a camera, and you’re ready to go, and they’re wrong and right at the same time. You only need a camera to make a video, if you settle for a vlog that is, but that’s not the case if you’re making a movie or a short video. In this article we have listed several tips on how to make a proper video, if you’re a beginner filmmaker, make sure to read this article to find out more about it.

filmingA professional studio

If you’re not a filmmaker or perhaps have zero interest in making a video for your company, you might want to use a professional studio to help you with making the video that you need. A professional studio can help you to make the video that you need or at the very least to provide you with the equipment that you need. Consider checking out Lenzworks as they provide the filming services that you need.


An external microphone might be quite expensive to have, but when you’re filming in a loud environment, such as crowds, or a place filled with noises such as wind and birds, you might want to get an external microphone. A microphone is perfect to capture every word that the talent said without being worried of others mixing into the recording, though you might have to do a little bit of audio editing to clear up the crisp and stuff.


You can never go wrong with a tripod or other image stabilization device on your hand, especially if you need to record something without any shaking in the video. Nowadays tripod is more affordable compared to the past, and it’s always handy to have one. If you need to have handheld stability, trick yourself into thinking that your camera is a cup of hot coffee, which will make your hand slower and more stabilizing.


Always remember when shooting in the outdoors, make sure that the sun is behind you, not the other way around. If you feel like the sun is too bright, opt to record indoor instead.

Never zoom in during recording

Only zoom in before shooting if you want, zooming in while you’re recording will reduce the quality of the recording. And not to mention it’ll take some time for the camera to adjust again, and the worst part is that it will be much harder for you to edit if you zoom in while being in the middle of recording.